Magic System

Player knowledge about the Magic system:

Level 1 starting characters that have casting ability do not know or have a particular name for their ability to create magical effects. If you want to make up a name that your character uses for his or her abilities you’re welcome to create one.

The magic of the world comes in a multitude of forms, but conceptually are similar in that they all require some form of mental, physical, material, or even some combination of all of these components.

Level 1 characters could have progressively honed their skill over time making small incremental increases in their ability, or had it come to them like a flash or flood of discovery.

No matter how it comes to the character, the common denizens of Bestillville do not formally study these abilities, and regards the existence of such abilities as superstitious or supernatural.

Those that use these abilities openly are feared and often quickly surrounded by such a stigma of rumors and speculation that they choose to flee the city to seek refuge as mountain sages, or forest oracles.

These sages/oracles are utilized when necessary but always kept at a figurative arms length. Once their job is over the city and they are more than happy to part company.

Characters who are casters, can (and if I end up making the backstory, will) live as a part of the community, but they will take great care not to reveal their abilities openly. Factually there may be a great number of casters all sharing the same dilemma and hiding unbeknown to one another within the city.

The Eternatali are the primary magic users of the continent, and call their magic “nanshido,” the common people in the regions near Bestillville have no knowledge of the existence of “nanshido.”

The Eternatali are very cautious about using their abilities in public view, except when necessary to do so to defend oneself or complete their contracts. Many of the myths and mystique of an Eternatali stems from the storytellers who’ve encountered an Eternatali’s powers, but because of the source, most common people don’t put much stock in the Eternatali having any legitimate ability.

Because of the way the world’s magic operates, it has some necessary impacts on the game mechanically, these I intend to represent in some controlled way through Perks or other such bonuses. Ideally all classes will have access to either an enhanced version of something their class already does, or grant access to unique abilities that mimic something of another class. These bonuses will have a counterbalanced cost associated with them, but may be lessened through the course of the story.

Also based on these perks, there will be times even when following the yellow brick road to ‘victory,’ heroic actions are not only advised but required to accomplish one’s objective. For these moments I’m considering a system, similar to that of an action point that represents your last ditch effort to be the hero. Probably just call them hero points.

These points give the player the ability to attempt to script in a heroic action that is outside of the range of his current characters ability to ordinarily achieve, favoring creative solutions in these circumstances (this is your chance to be assistant DM and suggest a story based cut scene).

The difficulty of the event the player is attempting to script will define the level of potential consequence, from being exhausted for the next several days, fatigued, ability damage, negative levels, all the way at the most extreme, character death – these things represent how far you pushed your character past it’s natural limits.

The heroic points can be refreshed, but one heroic point can never refresh another point, these are last ditch heroics, not the solution to every fight.

More on this junk later off to do some other work, oh more below but spoiler alert, it has non-common knowledge info in it.

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Magic System

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