Heroes of Bestillville

Ruby Goes Missing

We started the evening off at the local tavern with a tankard of ale. After a while there was a blood curdling scream from the stairs. Everyone turned to see the barmaid at the top of the stairs. She was yelling that Ruby was dead. (Ruby is the tavernkeepers daughter.) She then ran down the stairs. We jumped up and ran up the stairs to see a very large pool of blood on the floor. Much more blood than there should have been. However, there was no body so we began to look in rooms for one.

The cleric and I ran into the first open room and out the window we saw a dark figure with something flung over his shoulder bounding down the rooftops. We both make the jump to the rooftop of the buildings below us and give chase. Meanwhile, the sorcerer and Tuesday decided to give chase down the street.

The creature we were chasing could only be a Votari, as they are the only ones who could carry such a burden and still jump from rooftop to rooftop at such speed. We were quickly loosing ground to this Votari.

Finally we make it to the end of the rooftops and find that there is a forty foot gap between the last rooftop and the city wall. We saw the Votari make the jump and were cursing their agility when we noticed a small catapult on the roof just down from us. I tried to convince the Cleric that I could make it if he would just crank the winch and release the pin to launch me. He convinced me that that would be a bad idea so we jumped down from the roof. The sorcerer and Tuesday had caught up to us by now and we all scaled the wall to give chase.

Shortly after getting over the wall we were ambushed. They had these rocks of a sort that they would throw at our feet and they would cause us to become temporarily petrified. Only Tuesday seemed susceptible to the attack as it didn’t seem to have any effect on the rest of us. I was struck soundly in the head with a sling bullet before we finally dispatched the threat.

Upon inspection we found that the assailants were a group of Votari and one Bearothian. This was rather odd because these groups don’t normally work together unless there is a greater force making them work together. While searching the bodies we found a paper with a singular character on it that we translated into “Exile.” We connect this to name Lord Exile, and exiled Votari. (Votari do not have names in their culture, they only have names that give them.) We also found two of the petrifying stones.

We continued the chase and eventually found a tunnel that we suspect the Votari went through. It was coated in a slimy substance for a bit as it narrowed. Eventually it became too small for us to pass through so we had to turn back.

Once we got back to town, everyone but me went to speak to the mayor of what we had found. They enter the mayors office to find two Eternatali, one male and one female, in a heated discussion with the mayor. They overhear the male Eternatali saying that since they own the charter for the town, they feel that the mayor is performing poorly and are wanting to remove him and assume direct control. The mayor retorts with the idea that since he knows the people he is a better choice for ruling since they people would not respond well to the change. The female voice agrees with the mayor. Upon entering the room, the cleric and sorcerer are introduced to Eris and Sonya. The Eternatali just barely acknowledge them without even looking in their direction.

In the meantime, I headed down to the tavern with Tuesday to find out if any new information was discovered. The guardsman who is trying to figure out what happened is having trouble figuring out who was actually a witness and who is just here to see what has happened. I sort out those who were here and those who I did not see here before the incident and begin questioning everyone. We find out that there were two Tanenites that were seen going upstairs before the event happened. Having not seen these two when I came in earlier I had unintentionally sent them away with all of the others who were not here. I had two guardsmen go retrieve these Tanenites for questioning. They were brought back and after a moment of questions I realized they did not speak the common tongue so we would need an interpreter. With the interpreters help we soon found that these two had no information for us.

Next we decided that we should question the barmaid. The cleric and sorcerer showed up just in time to assist with the interrogation. However, it was found that the barmaid was missing now. We decided to examine the evidence at the scene to find more clues. We noticed that the blood on the floor had coagulated and darkened much more than it should normally do for the amount of time that had passed. We also noticed that there was a dull cut mark on the window sill. We presumed that maybe the barmaid had been part of the kidnapping since she knew it was Ruby when there was no body. We went to the kitchen to ask the cook if anything was missing or out of the ordinary about the barmaid. He said that her serving knife was gone and that it was an intentionally dulled knife used serving food. This is just the type of knife that was used upstairs. We also concluded that the reason it was used on the window sill is that someone had to cut a hard wax seal off of a bottle of blood that was then poured onto the floor to make it look like Ruby’s blood.

We proceeded to go seek out the missing barmaid at her house. Upon arrival there were no lights on but the front door was wide open. Tuesday stayed outside to keep watch while we went in and searched the house. The house was a small house which comprised of a main room and a bathroom at the back and an upstairs room. I searched the bathroom while the sorcerer searched the main room and the cleric headed upstairs.

As I was searching the bathroom I heard something drop from the upstairs outside the window. I immediately jumped out the window since no windows in town have a barrier of any type, like glass, just shutters. The cleric landed behind me a moment later as I headed toward the figure that was attempting to flee. I flung my net at him and entangled him and we proceeded to subdue him and tie him up.

We then went to check the rest of the house for clues. Upstairs we found the body of the barmaid on the floor. She just been killed. There were no signs of struggle so we presumed she knew the assailant or was caught off guard. We also noticed that she also was of Bearatian decent.



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